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Reboot the machine, press F12 repeatedly while it is booting, and get into netboot. Select Linux distributions, CentOS, and then version 7.3.

Once the image is booted, change the repository URL to:


Click on installation destination, select "I will configure partitioning", and press done. Create two partitions, one 2G swap partition and one root (/) partition that takes up the rest of the space.

Click on "Begin Installation" and set the root password. After the machine reboots, login and run the following commands:

cd /root/
curl http://imageserver/install/workstation/install.sh > install_script.sh
chmod +x install_script.sh

After the machine reboots, login again to continue with step 2 of the installation.

After the second reboot, everything should be installed. You may need to accept a license agreement before the reboot. Make a dummy user account (username: user, password: user) when prompted.



To update all of the workstations, ssh into the salt master (puppet) and run the following command as root.

salt -G 'role:workstation' state.apply

To update an individual workstation, you can ssh into the workstation and run the following command as root:

salt-call state.apply

Adding Workstation to Workstations Group

If you get something like the text below when running salt-call state.apply, make a file called /etc/salt/grains and put "role: workstation" inside of it.

          ID: states
    Function: no.None
      Result: False
     Comment: No Top file or external nodes data matches found.

Old Install Script/Nvidia Driver Issues

If you used the old install script, it might have added some incompatible versions of the Nvidia drivers, which will result in a black screen on boot. If this is the case, you can try the following commands.

rm /etc/yum.repos.d/elrepo.repo
yum clean all
yum repolist
yum update
yum remove nvidia-kmod kmod-nvidia
salt-call state.apply