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My external site: https://lburton.org

Things I can be blamed for:

  • The fact you can login anywhere with LOCAL to lab resources -- I thought anyone in the school should have an account .. whoops
    • subfact: I setup both the original one-way trust and the current (2017) two-way trust .. silly eh
      • That trust isn't needed for AUTH or AFS .. just for GSSAPI/etc with CSL host/ princs :P and for SMB w/CSL users
  • The fact you have a graduation year in your usernames -- it was the best solution to the fact CSL never deleted users and LOCAL did to avoid future name conflicts
    • subfact.. I wanted two digit year.. others didn't
  • I know a bit too much about AFS and may know historical AFS-ey things
    • Same with ZFS/solaris/FreeBSD
  • Jgrafton/Dtran/I can be blamed for various parts of the old weather services
  • The music cart (yes I helped invent it with a UPS with buzzer removed and a WRT54G v1 in client mode w/a sunray and a deck of smartcards and some alesis speakers/amps)
  • More things that where silly I'm sure.