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User Information

Full Name Jacob Welsh
Graduation Year 2008
Email jwelsh at email dot virginia dot edu
Web site

I became a sysadmin in 2007 after about two years of Linux use and Syslab dwelling. My experience at the time included Debian, Gentoo, administration of a small KRB5/AFS installation, and programming (mainly C, Python, and a bit of Bash). I maintained the Gentoo Image from early 2007 through graduation and did various odd jobs with servers, including leading the effort to Kerberize server login.

Beyond TJ

  • Accepted to Virginia Tech, UVA, and CMU engineering; rejected from MIT and CMU CS.
    • Attending UVA, primarily for financial reasons
  • Employment:
    • Junior sysadmin, Sine Nomine Associates (2007-present, part time)
    • Student consultant, UVA Information Technology & Communications (2008-present)