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Background Information Chris Reffett, 2011creffett@tjhsst.edu, Class of 2011, crashing Windows machines since around '98.

Contributions to the lab

-Created the "workstation" and "syscon" scripts, which run on the Cobalt cluster.

-Created a Gentoo installation on shakuru. Epic win right there.

-Imageserver Plus

Jobs Held

2007: Part time understudy

2008-09: Workstation understudy

2008-09: Duke and Imperial Majesty of the Cobalts

2009: Workstation understudy impatiently waiting for the 2009-2010 sysadmin announcements.

2009-2010: "Lab Helper"/Junior Admin/Whatever you want to call it

2010-2011: Senior Systems Administrator, in charge of workstations and most of the Linux-based backend stuff.