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The project UnderstudyNET is a new project by the 2011-2012 group of Sysadmin Understudies to create a functioning network of computers similar to the layout of the Computer Systems Lab for the purposes of better learning the tools used and how to administer. The project is currently being led by understudies Jacob Holtom and James Forcier. Other informed and helping understudies are David Rogers, Ashwin Ganapathiraju and David Soukup.

This project has received Hamilton's approval stamp!!

Current Status: In Development.

The project has the use of computers (listed) for the purposes as follow:

  • galileo - Master KDC and kerberos
  • copernicus - LDAP and miscellaneous purposes
  • sovereign - AFS Fileserver
  • gandalf/megabytes - Master Client
  • bootloader - Client
  • shodan/Merlin - Client

and in progress of acquiring a quicksilver ppc box to be used as client

Contact Jacob Holtom or James Forcier for information or to help us in our adventure