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Tangerine (1996-ish? - ??) was a 486DX2-50MHz system with 16 Megabytes of RAM and 450 Megabytes of disk space, running a completely custom distribution of Linux 2.0.x. Tangerine functioned as a peering point for the Netware-oriented FCPS network and our own UNIX-oriented network. As FCPS has a mostly stable T1 line to the Internet (the CSL only had a 28.8K UUnet connection), tangerine functions as a proxy for outgoing services inside the Computer Systems Lab such as HTTP and FTP where reliability is not critical. As certain machines relied on Tangerine to forward IP packets between the Computer Systems Lab and the FCPS network (namely www.tjhsst.edu and windows-based PCs on the FCPS network), it was one of the most stable system in the lab[1].

In addition to being the CSL/Novell proxy server, it also served as backup email, DNS, and NTP server in case Thor or Boom were not reachable[2].


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