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  • Format it not stupehd?/1!?!? LARRRRRR
  • Get real data where Alfie made it up, and put in more where necessary (yes that means check it fo' realz, you).
  • But don't give a care about POV. It's not possible to convey a LOT of this info without it.
  • Perhaps something should be included with regards to the monitors we have.
  • Consider using a template for the workstation generation stats. adeason 22:05, 26 February 2006 (EST)

2016crichoux's notes on trying to get an Arch image together with Salt

I'm going to turn this into a guide after I actually get everything working. For now, I'm going to stick my lab notes about what works/doesn't on Samaritan here.

pre-arch setup process

  • just like the archlinux beginner's guide, but set ntp to tj's ntp servers in /etc/ntp.conf
  • when you get to partitioning and mounting and mkfs-ing, look at the partitions on samaritan (PASTEBIN IT CLAUDIA), follow the steps in the lvm guide.
  • gonna need to downgrade linux kernel to 4.4.1 when it's time to set up afs but.... whatever ill do it later.