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State of the Lab 2003

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Computer Systems Lab
  • The summer of 2003 proved to be the year that OpenAFS took over as the lab's primary filesystem. In the old days before OpenAFS was utilized as the Syslab's file system, NFS was used to hold home directories. Details about this era of the lab are currently sparse, but it was decided to move to OpenAFS in 2003. A Perl script written by Jeff Grafton was used to convert home directories to AFS.
  • The Syslab currenty utilizes Kerberos for user authentication. Before the 'kerberization' of the lab, the authentication scheme between servers and workstations was "just ssh, and ssh-keys", "so you could go from machine to machine without typing your password" (ixdy, IRC, 10/18/2009). At this same time (sometime before 2000), NFS was used for file serving. The implementation of Kerberos would have happened with AFS, which is why it exists on this page.
  • The CSL had somewhere in the vicinity of 7 servers during hte 2002-2003 school year[1].


Current Equipment Summary The servers in the lab are: Server 1: Username/password authentication and print server. Running Debian Linux. Pentium Pro 200MHz machine 128MB RAM Server 2: File server. Running FreeBSD Server 3: Primary mail server, backup DNS server. Running Debian Linux Server 4: MySQL server running Debian Linux. Cappies, SCT, Aman's Open source projects, backup machine Server 5: Primary DNS server, backup mail server, backup web server. Running Debian Linux

  • Adelie - Server 6: Primary web server. Dual Athlon 1900+ with 2GB of RAM and a 3-disk SCSI RAID 5 array. Running Debian Linux
  • Intranet: a dual PIII 550MHz machine with 256MB RAM, 9.1GB. It is running Debian Linux, and its sole purpose is serving intranet web pages, which encompass 8th period activities, LAN File access, and Email
  • Weather - Weather: monitors the weather.

The student machines in the lab consists of: 25 "Transformers": a set of 30 machines with dual Celeron 433MHz, 128MB RAM, and 10GB HD. They are running Debian Linux. 15 "Elements": Athlon processors "Cluster": a set of 16 Celeron 300MHz machines with 128MB RAM. Cray SV1 supercomputer 4 sets of 4 1.2 GFLOP processors 8 sets of 4 Gbyte main memory Sound Lab: two Celeron 300MHz machines, each with 128MB RAM, Value sound card, as well as a Creative 6x DVD-ROM drive.



  • Atlas - fileserver
  • Cluster (?? - 2003) - 16 Celeron 300MHz machines in the Syslab
  • Threat (?? - 2003) - TJ's old web, DNS, mail, and fileserver.
  • Threat2 (?? - 2003) - Syslab secondary DNS server, and handled printing, syslog, and the finger server


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