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State of the Lab 1997

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  • Thor - primary DNS server for the school
  • Agol, Sol, Polaris, Sirius - Sun servers, provided NIS and NFS services
  • Earth - one of the Elements; serves as the NIS server for the Element domain
  • Boom - main NFS fileserver for user home directories
  • Iris - Lab USENET server, and GL graphics engine
  • Next - NeXTStation; secondary DNS and NTP server for the lab
  • Alumni - this is currently known as "the Honeywell" but really had a history of its own
  • Tangerine - CSL proxy server for Internet access


  • Odin and Jord - terminals supported by Thor
  • The Sparks - Sun SPARCStation workstations
  • Fruits - HP Vectra workstations
  • Moons - Gateway workstations
  • Cornea - general use IRIX workstation
  • Quarks - workstations used to display graphics from the ETA10-P
  • The 386's - old workstations in the Syslab running MS-DOS