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State of the Lab 1988

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  • In this year TJ registered the domain tjhsst.edu, making it one of the first 100 .edu websites on the Internet. It was not necessary to register and be listed in the WHOIS database, and so the original information of this purchase is not listed. WHOIS shows the domain as being registered in 1992, but in fact it was active several years before that.
  • TJ's 16 class C IP address ranges were given to us around the same time, not delegated; we out flat own them, with no fees, etc. We were the only K12 school that had an autonomous routing number (ASN), so that we could route with the root Internet routers without question. This autonomous number comes in very handy today for us sitting almost on the major backbone for the new IPv6 Internet protocol, and high speed routing to Internet2. At the time, we were proud of our dial-up connection via the evolving UUNET, WORLDCOM, MCI, now Verizon, at a blazing 1200 baud. That same gateway today is a T-1 (1.5 million baud), of which, we pay nothing, since UUNET treats us like in house researchers. The T-1 functions as a redundant backup gateway to our DS3 (45 million baud) connection to SPRINT. The school's Autonomous System (AS) number is AS3140.[1]


The ETA10-P supercomputer Jefferson had in the Syslab came about from the Superquest contest in August of 1988. The supercomputer came with a 2-year operational contract through ETA. After the 2-year period, Jefferson became the sole maintainer of the system.



  • Starting on October 29, 2001, only post-secondary institutions and organizations that are accredited by an agency on the U.S. Department of Education's list of nationally recognized accrediting agencies are eligible to apply for a edu domain[2]. Most such agencies accredit only US institutions, so very few non-US institutions qualify, and edu remains almost exclusively a top-level domain of the United States[3]. As TJ received its domain before this qualification, the school's domain was grandfathered in and has been kept by the school.


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