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Gentoo Update Guide

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This command will probably think for quite a long time and then spit out a (potentially long) list of updates it wishes to apply. Review the list looking for any potential surprises (in particular, updates for major system software such as Apache or Nginx on a webserver) and if needed look for release notes to ensure that your upgrade will go smoothly. When you are ready to apply the updates, enter 'yes' and hit enter.
===Resolving Keywording Issues===
Occasionally package updates will require additional packages keyworded as new dependencies. These will generally be indicated by errors such as the following in the output of <code>emerge -auND @world</code>
!!! The following update has been skipped due to unsatisfied dependencies:
!!! All ebuilds that could satisfy "app-crypt/ssdeep" have been masked.
!!! One of the following masked packages is required to complete your request:
- app-crypt/ssdeep-2.12::gentoo (masked by: ~amd64 keyword)
- app-crypt/ssdeep-2.11.1::gentoo (masked by: ~amd64 keyword)
- app-crypt/ssdeep-2.10::gentoo (masked by: ~amd64 keyword)
(dependency required by "app-misc/binwalk-2.0.1" [ebuild])
This can be resolved by adding an appropriate entry into <code>/etc/portage/package.keywords/</code>. On most systems this is a directory and keywords are put into a file for the package that they are required by. So for the above example, we would add one of the following lines to <code>/etc/portage/package.keywords/binwalk</code>
#This will keyword any testing versions of ssdeep and is preferred for most packages, especially if the parent is similarly keyworded
#This version will only keyword a specific version of ssdeep and is preferred for system packages or anytime a specific version is desired.
===Use Flag Issues===

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