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Tape Log

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==Tape Log==
This page serves as a log of the contents of the CSL's tape collection along with their current locations. For detailed information on the contents of a tape, see the tape's file in /afs/csl.tjhsst.edu/common/sysadmin/tapes/contents/

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!Last Backup
|CSL001L5||Summer 2013 Archive Tape||OffSite (Andrew Hamilton)||2013-07-19
|CSL002L5||Summer 2013 Archive Tape||TJ Archive||2013-07-19
|CSL003L5||Bettie Stegall Photos 1985-2014||TJ Archive||2014-07-11
|CSL004L5||Bettie Stegall Photos 1985-2014||OffSite (Andrew Hamilton)||2014-07-11
|CSL007L5||CSL Weekly Backup Jun26-27||OffSite (Andrew Hamilton)||2014-06-27
|CLNU00L3||Cleaning Tape||Scribe||N/A

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