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[[Category:Hardware]][[Category:Server]] '''Arcturus''' (Spring 2008 - Present) is a big big SPARC server. It was received through the 2008 [[Sun Academic Excellence Grant (AEG)|Sun AEG]] received by the TJ CSL. Simply put, Arcturus arcturus is a high-performance computing (HPC) server. It is also a [[Sun Ray ]] server for HPC projects (separate from the primary Sun Ray FailOver Group (FOG)). Arcturus is also has a Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000 with 4 SPARC64-VI (2.15GHz, 2 cores/CPU, 2 threads/core) processors, 16GB RAM (slit between two system boards), LUN on the [[SAN]] to facilitate storage of HPC and 2x73GB disks (RAID1) running Solaris 10research data off of [[AFS]].
'''IMPORTANT''': The power supplies are not redundant unless they are running at 208V and configured to be redundant. We are currently running them at 120V. Do not unplug either power cord without powering arcturus off first!
*HPC(including Matlab, possibly Mathematica in the future)*Boot server for Solaris net installs (this has since moved may move to a different [[Betelgeuseconstellation|server]]later)*Development/compile server for SPARC (similar to [[Betelgeusealtair]], but more stable by necessity) {{Server Tech Specs | type = Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000 | numcpus = 4 | cpu = SPARC64-VI (2.15 GHz, 2 cores/CPU, 2 threads/core) | ram = 16 GB on 2 boards (max 128 GB on 4 boards) | hds = 2x 73 GB RAID 1 | os = Solaris 10}}
Arcturus replaced [[Molochmoloch]]. While it does not have hot swap CPU and memory boards like Moloch moloch did, just about every other part except the DVD player is hot-swappable, even the PCIe and PCI-X slots. It also pulls less power than Moloch moloch (idle vs. idle). Arcturus' CPUs can be upgraded to the newer SPARC64-VII (2.4 Ghz, 4 core, 2 threads/core) processors should we ever want to and can afford to. [[Category:Server]]

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