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'''Sirius''' is one of the three X4150s allocated to run [[Category:HardwareSun Ray]]services for the Sun Rays around the school. Sirius was received through the 2008 [[Category:ServerSun Academic Excellence Grant (AEG)|Sun AEG]]received by the TJ CSL.
'''Sirius''' (Spring 2008 - Present) is one of the six X4150s allocated to run Sun Ray services for the Sun Rays around the school. Centauri was received through the 2008 Sun AEG received by the TJ CSL. It is a {{Server Tech Specs | type = Sun Fire X4150 with | numcpus = 2 | cpu = Intel Xeon X5460 Quad-Core Processor (3.16GHz) processors, 24GB RAM, and 2x73GB (RAID116 GHz) disks running | ram = 24 GB | hds = 2x73 GB RAID 1 | os = Solaris 10.}}
==See Also==*X4150s**[[Centauri]]**[[Deneb]]**[[Altair]]**[[Vega]]**[[BetelgeuseCategory:Server]]

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