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Sun Ray

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Current Implementation: some updates
=Current Implementation=
The Sun Ray infrastructure managed by the Computer Systems Lab currently consists of 4 FOGs across 10 8 systems, and approximately 150 DTUs of various types (some DTUs from the previous FY08Q2 [[Sun_Academic_Excellence_Grant_(AEG)|Sun Grant]] are still in the process of being deployed). The server infrastructure was initially provisioned to fully redundantly support 180 concurrent users (i.e. able to comfortably support 180 users in the event only four of the five servers in the primary FOG were available), although has since been scaled back to 90 concurrent users on three servers due to lower than expected concurrent usage and to allow other projects access to idle server hardware. The actual number of DTUs that can be deployed is much higher as very few system resources are consumed by an idle DTU, it is not common for all deployed DTUs to be concurrently used, and it is very rare for a server to be out of service. In other words, the system could be considered overprovisioned to allow for future growth, in the meantime providing higher performance and legroom for existing users.
The four current FOGs at TJ:
*Main: [[centauri]], [[deneb]], [[sirius]], [[altair]], [[vega]]*Testing: [[betelgeusealtair]]
*HPC (High Performance Computing): [[arcturus]]
*GL/Graphics: [[copernicus]], [[kepler]], [[galileo]]

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