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Solaris Cluster: add reference to sun doc 245626 regarding data corruption issue
==Solaris Cluster==
'''WARNING:''' If for some reason, you are installing Solaris Cluster with ZFS on an older Solaris 10 build that has patch 137137-09/137138-09 but not 139579-02/139580-02 or later, or if the system is older than snv_104 (OpenSolaris/Nevada), do NOT proceed! See [http://sunsolve.sun.com/search/document.do?assetkey=1-66-245626-1 SunSolve Alert 245626] for details.
The automatic fail-over between [[Seatac]] and [[Dulles]] is managed by Solaris Cluster 3.2. The two servers are directly attached to a Sun StorEdge D2 array named skillet, which is split into two raidz2 zpools named skillet_a and skillet_b. The two hosts are joined in a Solaris Cluster named 'jetblue'.

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