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this article is for the machine only, see JAWS for the service
'''Weather''' is a server in the CSL [[Machine Room]] that hosts a serial connection to the AWS datalogger which in turn connects to the weather station located outside the lab.
The weather data can be accessed locally on This article refers to the TJ network through telnet: For formated physical machine known as weather information:. telnet weather 8888 For raw weather data (CSV): telnet weather 8889 Historical information on [[JAWS]] (Jefferson AWS), the software which weather service that runs to interface with the weather stationon this machine, can be found on see [[http://www.tjhsst.edu/~jgrafton/techlab-weather/ jgrafton's websiteJAWS]].
{{Server Tech Specs |
Update, 29 July, 2009, Weather is back online. The old Pentium Vectra was replaced with a Pentium III Vectra VL400 running Gentoo Linux.
See the main [[JAWS]] article on notes about the program.

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