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formatting/updates (weather is a different machine now)
For formated weather information:
telnet weather 8888
For raw weather data(CSV): telnet weather 8889
Information on JAWS (Jefferson AWS), the software which weather runs to interface with the weather station, can be found on [http://www.tjhsst.edu/~jgrafton/techlab-weather/ jgrafton's website].
{{Server Tech Specs |
type = HP Vectra VL400 |
numcpus = 1 |
cpu = 133MHz 866 MHz Pentium III | ram = 128MiB 256 MiB | nic = ISA Integrated 10/100 | hds = 1.2 20 GB IDE | os = Debian GNU/Gentoo Linux Testing |
services = Weather |
ip = |
purchasedate = Ancient History Unknown |
retired = No - Still in service
Update, 10 June, 2009, Weather's harddrive suffered from I/O failure, however, it was recoverable when connected to another machine and all files were copied off successfully. Weather is now being reinstalled with a new hard drive and a modern version of Debian Linux.
Update, 29 July, 2009, Weather is back online. The old Pentium Vectra was replaced with a Pentium III Vectra VL400 running Gentoo Linux.

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