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Sun Java System Directory Server

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Intranet: Final notes
===Simple bind users===
*At time of writing this applies only to cn=authuser, but for all users that have a hashed password stored in LDAP (so those that would use a simple bind as opposed to a SASL/GSSAPI bind to access LDAP), reset the password manually after the user(s) have been loaded into LDAP from LDIF, unless you are able to successfully bind as that user without doing so.
===Other pending tasks===
If I2 switches to Sun DS, the following decisions remain to be made:
*Determine whether we will use multi-master (r/w) replication or read-only replication.
*Modify Intranet code slightly to handle multiple LDAP hosts (it might be able to do it already). Capability of PHP described in the second-to-last comment (as of 8/10/2007) on: http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.ldap-connect.php (Thanks Deason!)
*Decide whether or not to use ISW (Identity Synchronization for Windows). It offers attribute synchronization with AD, among other things, but the software is currently (as of 7/21/2009) pretty old and sometimes a bit buggy. Also, name changes occur infrequently enough that it would only provide limited benefits.

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