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Added note about multiple connections from same NAT/IP.
*Currently, you will need to use your CSL Kerberos username and password. Eventually you will also be able to use your LOCAL password. If your Kerberos password is failing to log you on, please contact one of the above administrators and ask that you be added to access control for the server.
*As mentioned towards the top of this page, you cannot use IPSec VPN to access something on the main subnet if you are coming from the main subnet. This means that you cannot use the Sun Ray IPSec VPN over a bridged connection (i.e. if you previously used bridging or have a WRT54GL bridging an OpenVPN connection).
==Multiple Connections from the same NAT==
If you have multiple IPSec clients (either Sun Rays or otherwise) coming from behind the same NAT IP address, you will need to give your VPN server multiple public IP addresses. Each client should connect to a different IP address on the VPN server. It is unclear whether the IPSec NAT tunnelling specification or a bug in the racoon/ipsec-tools software causes this issue. If you use just a single IP, only one client at a time will be able to maintain a connection to the VPN.
==Byline and Acknowledgements==

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