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Sun Java System Directory Server

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Configuration Notes: need to run svcadm refresh, added bold warning too
*To enable starting the server at boot time using SMF, run
<nowiki>/opt/SUNWdsee/ds6/bin/dsadm enable-service -T SMF /path/to/directory</nowiki>
DSCC's LDAP server is located at /var/opt/SUNWdsee/dscc6/dcc/ads, while we locate the data-containing LDAP servers at /store/ds/{subdir}. Also run <code>svccfg -s application/sun/ds setprop start/timeout_seconds=600</code> in the event that a recovery needs to take a long time, otherwise SMF will kill and restart the LDAP server if a recovery operation takes longer than the default timeout (which means the directory server may not ever automatically restart after a system crash). Finally run <code>svcadm refresh</code> and <code>svcadm enable </code> on the new SMF entries created for the Directory Servers. <code>sun/ds:default</code> doesn't start anything so you don't need to enable that.  '''WARNING:''' svcadm refresh tells the SMF instances to reread the settings, including the new timeout that you set. If you don't run it, you may find that the new timeout is not being respected. 
*If using [[Identity Synchronization for Windows|ISW]]: using DSCC, select the LDAP server instance, go to Server Configuration -> Plugins, select the "referential integrity postoperation" plugin. Set Argument 1 to "2". This should make mass modifications and deletions faster.[http://blogs.sun.com/DirectoryManager/entry/little_known_performance_enhancements_3] This plugin is enabled by ISW, so if you change the setting before installing ISW, the plugin may still be disabled.
*When importing data from OpenLDAP, you may have structuralObjectClass attributes on objects. Sun Directory Server doesn't seem to like this, so just change structuralObjectClass to plain objectClass.

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