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Sun Ray

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Sun Ray at Home: sunray-config-servers
Users must establish a connection to the CSL network to use a Sun Ray remotely. The Sun Ray servers can not be directly reached through the internet for security reasons. The easiest way to connect is to use the [[IPSec VPN]] (click for details; it is easiest to have an administrator preconfigure your Sun Ray before checking it out). OpenVPN may also be used, but requires configuring an additional computer or device to route or bridge as the Sun Ray firmware does not support it (yet).
The round-robin address addresses sunray-config-servers.sun.tjhsst.edu and sunray-servers.sun.tjhsst.edu is are configured for the benefit of Sun Ray at Home users. This These DNS entry entries needs to be updated when the primary FOG Sun Ray servers change.
Sun Ray at Home users are required to use a smart card as part of security policy. This is enforced by not authorizing/registering a SR@H DTU such that, without using a smart card, a pseudo session will not be initialized and the user should see a red "no" sign, similar to the standard highway "Do Not Enter" signs (it has been reported some routed home connections will not display this symbol, but will simply wait forever attempting to start a pseudo session until a smart card is inserted).

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