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Some factual errors (not from Moffett days)
'''Mirror''' is TJ's repository archive, and mirrors several Linux and software repositories. Mirror resides on the Nalgene volume, which is mounted on Seatac from [[AlexandriaAthens]]. Mirror can be accessed at [http://mirror.tjhsst.edu/ http://mirror.tjhsst.edu/].
*Mirror used to be hosted on [[King]] in the Moffett days, before moving being copied to [[Sol]]so that king could be retasked. King ended up not being retasked; however fortunately the copy on sol was also maintained, as king experienced RAID controller failure shortly thereafter, resulting in sol becoming the official mirror. Sol was retired in Spring 2008 to make way for the equipment received in the [[AEG | Q2FY08 Sun Academic Excellence Grant]].
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