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Shakuru is an old SPARC workstation. We don't use it anymore. Someone who knows more about it should write this article but I think it has a single UltraSPARC II processor at some crappy clock speed. Anyways, hopefully it'll get Gentoo installed on it so we can make a livecd iso for sparc64 that supports ldoms (call it SNOPPIX). Actually, this isn't going so well. We're going to try replacing the RAM in it, since currently, when booting to a Gentoo LiveCD, it gives the error "Memory Address not Aligned."

Update—after some work by the "Turkish Electrician" (Andrew), it actually booted to the LiveCD. We successfully installed Gentoo on it, and will eventually make a stage4 tarball from it to use as a LDom image. Except work on that has stalled, so it's just sitting around right now.

Technical Specifications

Server Type Hardware type::Sun Blade 150
CPU ~650MHz UltraSPARC-IIe
Hard Disks 1 x 40 GB IDE
Graphics Card ATI Rage XL *
OS Gentoo Linux
Purchase Date
  • We also have a non-integrated graphics card for it. We'll put that in one of these days.