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OpenStack is an open source VM provisioning and management tool. There is currently a pilot being set up utilizing Altair, Sirius, the Apocalypse cluster for storage, and a VM on Littleblue for control and dashboard hosting.


An OpenStack cluster is comprised of several different services. These services can be hosted on different servers and there can be multiple nodes of each service. The different services are controlled through one controller node using API calls.


Nova is the operational side of an OpenStack cluster. The controller node runs the following services:

  • nova-api
  • nova-scheduler
  • nova-conductor
  • glance
  • keystone
  • mysql-server (currently run on mysql1)
  • rabbitmq
  • memcached
  • openstack-dashboard (horizon)

A compute node runs the following services:

  • nova-compute
  • nova-network
  • nova-api