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Nagios/Adding a Custom host

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This guide is on how to setup a new host with a custom monitoring method. Important definitions are:

  • Host - A node monitored by nagios
  • Plugin - Custom monitoring scripts for types of hosts. Go in the /etc/nagios/plugins directory. Plugins can be run by executing them in the command line with arguments, or automatically by nagios.
  • Command - Defined as a command that runs a plugin with the correct arguments in the command line and a name.
  • Service - Defined by a name, command, set of hosts to use, and a type.

  • Add the plugin to the /etc/nagios/plugins/ directory.
  • Add a command to the /etc/nagios/commands.cfg configuration file
  • Copy and edit a configuration file in /etc/nagios/services
  • Define hosts in /etc/nagios/hosts/ for every host you wish to monitor