Meeting Minutes Sept 11 2008

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  • Attendance: Ms. Fisher, Mr. Morasca, Trey Repetski, Mr. Washer, Matt Green, Andrew Hamilton, David Ensey, Daniel Johnson, Thomas Georgiou

Sysadmin agreement form

  1. Draft 2 handed out
  2. Brandon drafting his own version
  3. Bring back signed

Website guidelines

  1. Guidelines handed out
  2. Teacher held responsible for content?
  3. Should adhere to w3c standards
  4. Guidelines should be used for all new websites

AFS data retention

  1. Length - 4 years then purge?
  2. Access - with permission of the user

Meet Ms. Fisher


  1. CCO account - see Mr. Morasca
  2. Play with swtiches


  1. Who's really involved?
  2. Who should be included?

Northrop Grumman donation

Air conditioning test

  1. AC at 63 degrees
  2. Bring in large heater, see effect

Red plugs possible

  1. Switch UPS
  3. Console UPS
  4. Top two Sun UPSes
  5. HP rack UPSes
  6. Storage array UPS(es)
  7. Air Conditioner