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Meeting Minutes Nov 14 2007

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  • KDCs - will move from fiord/royal to FAA 1/2 sometime soon, Jacob will work on migrating current data from Heimdal to MIT
  • SunLDAP - will replace hesoid soon, running on chuku/mihr
  • Contingency plans - if new KDCs break (hardware problems or Heimdal/MIT problems) then we'll switch back to fiord/royal (config of service IP on server) - if SunLDAP breaks we'll go back to hesoid which will be left in place for sometime (config on workstation)
  • If there are books you'd like to have in the library please let me know (ISBN is fine), timeline is ASAP.
  • Food policy—only allowed in classroom, issue is cleanliness, posters to state this will go up when ready. (Water and other drinks are okay for now.)
  • Games policy—text based are okay, student development is okay, graphical are not okay and people are told to turn them off (this has not been a big problem so far this year).
  • Xlock policy—unresolved, two issues: xlock to protect yourself, but don't xlock if you're really leaving. Also, how to handle xscreensaver New Login which leaves the other session running in the background?