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Adelie (~'05 - present) (originally named Mars before the new naming scheme), a Penguin Computing server with dual Athlon 1900+ processors, 2GB RAM and a 3-disk SCSI Raid, was bought to replace the aging machine Rockhopper (then called Threat) as our web server. Although at first plagued by problems with its hard drives, Adelie has become one of our most reliable machines.

Like is the case with King and Emperor, Adelie and Rockhopper operated as a redundant pair. If Adelie goes down, Rockhopper will take over its services. However, since Rockhopper is a much slower machine than Adelie, service will be significantly slower when Adelie goes down until it is fixed. Additionally, Adelie was the CSL's = remote access server. Users could use Adelie to perform many tasks from home, such as accessing files, running UNIX software, and working on projects in Computer Systems Lab classes. While the remote server Adelie was also TJ's main webserver, before this was transferred off to a Virtual Machine (www).


When Adelie was first purchased, the system administrators of the time planned on naming it "Assault". However, after an incident with the name of a different server, the system administrators decided on the more politically-correct name "Mars"[1].


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