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MIPS Cluster

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The MIPS cluster was a set of 22 1U Cobalt RaQ2s featuring 250MHz MIPS processors obtained by donation around 2004. They were donated as a set and contained a somewhat locked down Red Hat OS. After figuring out how to netboot them two master servers were built using old computers, one possibly from the Celeron Cluster. The machines were named after the Greek letters Beta through Psi, with Alpha and formerly Omega as the masters. This cluster never really got much use for a variety of reasons (slow, MIPS), and the cluster was largely used to display messages on the 16x2 LCD ticker tape displays each RaQ2 had built in. When installed, the cluster was set up facing outwards from the machine room for appearance reasons, with one of the old unused syslab switches below them for support. From 2005 to sometime during 2010 these displayed current syslab status information, weather, and time, with various incarnations of the display scripts. Currently they sit outside the machine room powered down.