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Website Users

We don't collect any information beyond logging our page accesses. This information is destroyed within 1 year.

Alumni Users

We don't have any fancy legalese, but our privacy policy is fairly simple: we will not share your publicly listed personal information with anyone beyond what is required to organize the SysAdmin Alumni Association. This information will be used for event invitations via a third party using only your name or e-mail (such as Facebook), and other similar purposes. It will not be released in bulk or otherwise disseminated, or sold in any way. Any information we may hold which you choose not to list publicly on your user page will not be used in this capacity.

Any private discussions which occur via this wiki will be kept private, and your opinions will not be released for any reason. Though SAAA may offer advice and suggestions to the SysAdmin program as a result of these discussions, none of your personal views or quotations will be used without prior permission.