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Linux WiFi setup

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Warning This guide is out of date. Please refer to the new guide here: https://documentation.tjhsst.edu/guides/linux-wifi-setup

1. Connect to the FCPSonboard network
2. Open a web browser and navigate to tjhsst.edu
3. You should be redirected to a login website
4. Accept the Terms.
Accept terms.png
5. Select "FCPS Staff and Students"
Click button.png
6. Enter your FCPS Student ID and Password.
Enter pwd.png
7. Navigate to the "Other" network devices.
8. Download the certificates:
9. Now, navigate to your network manager.
Click on the “Fairfax” wifi network in the list of networks. Enter the information in the box as shown.
Make sure to select “TLS” as the authentication type and not “TTLS”.
Wifi prompt.png