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Humboldt (?? - summer 2007) (originally named Hubris before the new naming scheme), a Tyan Computer server with 2 933MHz Pentium III (Coppermine) processors, 2GB RAM, and 2x40GB hard drives in a RAID1 configuration[1], was originally used for the virtual-school project. When it was no longer needed for that, it became available for our use. It was originally used by the Senior Computer Team and for the Cappies project, but proved its reliability by taking over MySQL from Adelie (Mars) after it had some hard-drive problems.

In 2005, Humboldt handled our e-mail, as well as DNS queries. Like King and Emperor, Humboldt and Macaroni operated as a redundant pair. If Humboldt goes down, Macaroni would take over its services[2].


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