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The SysAdmin Alumni Site is a bit different from a normal website. Unlike most websites, SAAA is built using a wiki. Unlike most wikis you know of like Wikipedia, the site is not editable or viewable by all visitors, instead it is divided into two parts: the public facing website and the private site for alumni only. The public facing site is editable by the webmaster only, and the alumni website is editable only by alumni.

Below is a precise description of the rules for each section:

Public site pages

Any page which is not prefixed by "Alumni" or "User" is only editable by the sysops. These pages form the public facing website or special pages like this help page. Logged in users can make recommendations on the discussion pages for each page. These discussions are kept private and can only be read by other authenticated users.

If you find an urgent change that must be made immediately, contact one of the sysops.

Private alumni pages

Any page prefixed with "Alumni" can only be viewed and edited by authenticated users. This part forms the private website for alumni. If you wish to make any major changes to the page design and layout, you may still want to use the discussion page.

Directory pages

Your user pages can only be edited by you. This page will be listed in the Alumni Directory, a part of the private alumni pages


You may also be interested in learning the wiki syntax. For basic help see the MediaWiki Manual, and for some advanced tricks we use see our Editing Tricks.