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Gentoo Upgrading

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A basic run-through of how to fully upgrade a gentoo box


Run emerge --sync to get the latest package index

Upgrading Portage

Run emerge -1u portage to ensure the package manager is up-to-date.

Upgrading the System

Run emerge -uDN --with-bdeps=y world to upgrade the system fully

Run dispatch-conf to resolve any config file changes

Cleaning up after an upgrade

Run emerge -ac and verify the output looks sane before executing to cleanup no longer necessary packages.

Run emerge @preserved-rebuild to rebuild packages linked against obsolete shared libraries.

Run perl-cleaner --all to rebuild any perl packages using an old perl version.

Dependency errors

Portage can run into a whole host of dependency errors, requiring manual intervention.

Most of the time, the error output tells you how to fix things, but for more complex cases you may have to consult some of the gentoo-fanboy alumni.