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Cornea (pre-1996 - ??) was a Silicon Graphics Personal Iris workstation with 16MB RAM, 110MB disk space and a 19" color display. It is running IRIX 4.0.1 with Iris's local software shared via NFS. Cornea has suffered from a rather interesting soldering job and a generally stressful life. As such, it doesn't like it when people touch it, as that often sets off anti-tampering devices in the case. However, when left by itself, it stays up just fine for months at a time Running headless and with a UPS, it usually averages solid uptimes of 100+ days. Due to the fact that it got 100+ uptimes, it's likely that Cornea was purchased/donated before 1996.[1]. Cornea ran the anonymous FTP server for the school, ftp.tjhsst.edu[2].


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