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Celeron Cluster

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Celeron Cluster

The MIPS Cluster (~2000 - ??) was a set of 14 Celeron 300MHz machines and 2 Duron 800 machineswith 128MB RAM, DLink DFE-530TX NICs, and no HDs. Some of these were overclocked as well. They were connected at 10/100Mbps through a Baystack 350T switch, and all were backed by a Tripp Lite SmartPro NET 1250XL UPS. The cluster used MOSIX to automatically distribute processes to the nodes. The main node for these was Einstein, which was also known as Thinktank and Cluster to the outside world. The nodes were named after famous scientists and mathematicians: Einstein, Schroedinger, Bohr, Feynman, Maxwell, Gauss, Lorentz, Newton, Hawking, Riemann, Cauchy, Euler, Fermat, Taylor, Fourier, Laplace[1].

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