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Atlas (Spring 1997 - ??) was purchased with the money won from the Thinkquest Competition. It had a SMP 200 Mhz Pentium Pro with 12 GB of disk space and 128 MB of RAM. Atlas was located in the machine room, where it took over various duties such as NFS serving home directories and may eventually handle e-mail, DNS, and NTP, and anything else. While acting as fileserver it had 1 4GB drive (used as a local partition), 2 8GB drives (used for file serving), and a backup tape drive. It ran BSD/OS 3.0 (thanks to BSDI for helping us get BSD/OS) as the operating system and BRU 14.3 for backup software. Atlas proved to be the most stable machine in the lab[1]. Eventually, one of its power supplies died. At some point Atlas was phased out and its services were transferred to Threat.


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