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Sysadmin Office

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The Sysadmins have traditionally had an office in the Syslab:

00:00 < eharmon> then the sysadmin office was moved to the opposite side of the room (on the same wall)
00:00 < Swish> alright that was probably after my year
00:00 < eharmon> that room became the office
00:00 < eharmon> and the closet was combined with the office
00:00 < eharmon> the office then became the library
00:00 < Swish> yep, which still amazes me
00:01 < jboning> oh man, the office dance
00:01 < Swish> there was so much junk in that closet..
00:01 < eharmon> yep, and we moved a shitload of it to the other room
00:01 < eharmon> threw out some stuff so it would fit, but not too much