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Since TJ has had a domain name, we have offered E-Mail services for all students and faculty.


There are mentions of this mail server in some old documentation, but no knowledge of when/what this was. The addresses given out with this system were @boom.tjhsst.edu

Sometime between Boom and Cronos, E-Mail addresses were changed to be @lan.tjhsst.edu.


Before it crashed in 2004, Cronos was the mail and lists server for the lab. It ran a Squirrelmail interface, and Intranet had an Intrabox that showed a students' latest emails. Mail directories with and before Cronos used to be stored in users' AFS home directories instead of being centrally located on a mail server.


After Cronos, email addresses dropped the "lan." and became simply <user>@tjhsst.edu. At this time a simple SquirrelMail interface was used, until Franklin came along.


Franklin, 2007-2009, was a mail server running Zimbra 5, Open Source Edition. Over Spring Break of 2009 an upgrade was attempted, but it failed and the mail server was lost. At this point a Debian server running the Roundcube web interface was temporarily set up to allow access again, but was replaced with the Casey/Smith system.


In the fall of 2009, a two-server mail system, with casey.tjhsst.edu and smith.tjhsst.edu, named after the founders of UPS and FedEx. These two share an NFS mount from the same storage array that hosts the current OpenAFS setup. The frontend for the current Mail setup uses Roundcube, a free web-based email solution.