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2011 Winter Meetup

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The 2011 Winter Meetup was held on December 26th at 12pm starting at Fuddruckers, and ending at TJ. Approximately 25 were in attendance, including Daniel B (dbelin, '14), Trey R (srepetsk, '09), Alexa S (asilverm, '09), Brett J (bjones, '08), Josiah B (jboning, '08), William Y (wyang, '08), Lee B (lburton, '07), Dan T (dtran, '06), Eric P (eprice, '05), Jeff A (jarnold, '03), Greg P (gprice, '02), Ilia M (imirkin, '01), Mark F (mfeghali, '98), Brent M (bmetz, '98), Charles L (clepple, '96), James C (jcroall, '96), and Jon B (jblockso, '91). Staff members at the meetup included Dr. Shane Torbert, Mr. Donald Hyatt, Ms. Rittman, and Mr. Morasca.