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Workstations are one of the main production systems in the CSL. We currently support 52 workstations, spanning three generations. The current generations of workstations are the Aztec Gods, the Muppets, and the Sci-Fi Starships. See Historical Workstations for info on past workstations.


The workstations are imaged using the imagepull script, stored on each workstation in /var/imageserver/. This pulls config and other files from the golden client (currently elmo) and pulls binaries from haimageserver. When a new package is desired, it should be installed on elmo, and the updateimageserver script (in /root/scripts on haimageserver) should be run. This script pulls in package changes and makes a full backup of the golden client.\\ In order to completely reimage a workstation, the autoinstall script should be used. This script, along with chrootscript which it requires, is stored in multiple places, including ~2014jforcier/admin/install.zip. This file also includes a 64-bit rsync binary, as the Gentoo LiveCD does not include it.

Monitoring Systems

You can monitor the workstations at monitor.tjhsst.edu, which is run using nagios.

Current Workstations

Aztec Gods

The Aztec Gods are HP dc6000's.


Amimitl Atlaua Camaxtli Coatlicue Ehecatl Huitzilopochtli Itzli Mixcoatl Nanahuatzin Opochtli Patecatl Quetzalcoatl Teteoinnan Tlaloc Xilonen Xochiquetzal Xocotl


The Muppets are HP dc6200's.


Animal Beaker Bigbird Cookiemonster Count Ernie Fozzie Gonzo Grover Honeydew Kermit Oscar Misspiggie Rizzo Snuffleupagus Statler Swedishchef Waldorf

Sci-Fi Starships

The Sci-Fi Starships, like the Muppets, are HP dc6200's.


Axiom Daedalus Defiant Destiny Discovery Eagle5 Enterprise Falcon Galactica Kelvin Leonov Narada Normandy Nostromo Serenity Spiritoffire Tantive Tardis