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This is the Computer Systems Lab wish list. Please place items here that you think would like to have purchased/acquired for the CSL. Please include descriptions/explanations, prices, and links to be helpful.

LOM Manager


  • Avocent MergePoint 5224/5240 DAC (PCNation $3134/4057)
  • Centralized management of iLO/ILOM/ALOM/IPMI/etc.
  • Needs more research and consideration before requesting; however, this is something that I think is worth looking at.

StorEdge D2 array(s)


  • 1-2 dual bus models
  • Potential for Sun Cluster (HA) for AFS on ZFS and in a Solaris Container
  • Purchase 540-3024 SPUD brackets from Jack Breese's company if needed
  • Buy cables (VHDCI->VHDCI)
  • Seagate hard drives if 2 arrays (all of adelie's hard drives will be pulled)
  • Budget allocation:
    • Liberal: $4000 (6 Seagate 73gb from TigerDirect, 2 D2-dual bus, a few SPUD brackets, SCSI cables from PCMall)
    • Conservative: $1500 (1 D2 dual bus, SCSI cables from PCMall)



  • Whether or not we want workstation UPS's and if yes how many
  • Need to check/evaluate production server UPS's to determine what batteries need to be replaced

iLO Advanced licenses (one per HP)


  • Key features useful to us: Enables full remote KVM capability and authentication integrated with ADS
  • Need to navigate through the HP Education site and select VA contract. 6 servers x $249 per license
  • Suggest further discussion on this item during meeting