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This is the official Computer Systems Lab wish list. Please place items here that you think would like to have purchased/acquired for the CSL. Generally this will only be used when the budget is not currently available and we are generating a list pending a budget recycle.

Strike-through items once they have been obtained. Also include descriptions/explanations, prices, and links to be helpful.


===iLO Advanced licenses (one per HP)=== --wyang

  • Key features useful to us: Enables full remote KVM capability and authentication integrated with ADS
  • Need to navigate through the HP Education site and select VA contract. 6 servers x $249 per license.
  • Suggest further discussion on this item during meeting

===Remotely switchable outlets=== --wyang (pending decision on retirement of old servers)

===StorEdge D2 array(s)=== --wyang

  • 2 dual bus models
  • potential for Sun Cluster (HA) for AFS on ZFS and in a Solaris Container
  • purchase 540-3024 SPUD brackets from Jack Breese's company if needed
  • buy cables if needed (VHDCI->VHDCI)
  • 3 or 4 LSI22320-R U320 SCSI HBAs $266
  • 2 Sun PCIe U320 HBAs (if only 2 HBAs above; depend on Sun grant status)
  • Seagate hard drives (dependent on adelie roadmap)
  • Liberal budget allocation: $6500 (worst case scenario: 2 LSI, 2 Sun PCIe, 10 Seagate 73gb from CDW, 2 D2-dual bus)

===3x Sun Fire V215=== --wyang

  • if(grant not received)
    • run Sun Ray network
    • attach D2 array for HA-ZFS/AFS in a Solaris Container
  • ~$20000

===New HP Superserver=== --btrzcins (this thing would totally smoke the Cray--sorry, Mr. Latimer)

  • HP ProLiant DL585 G2
    • 4x AMD Opteron 8220SE 2.8GHz Dual Core (total: 8 cores)
    • 16GB PC2-5300 (8x1GB)
    • Dual 10/100/1000 + 1 10Gbit
    • iLO Advanced Pack
    • Smart Array P800
    • 4x 72GB 15,000 RPM
    • Floppy
    • DVD+RW 8x
    • 2nd PSU
    • $16,868.00
  • Uses
    • Very powerful LTSP server (school-wide kiosk application) with 10Gbit
    • 64-bit compute server for 8-way SMP applications
    • Smokin' the Cray
    • Applications with very large data sets (13-14GB) can operate on the entire thing in RAM
    • Frees up rockhopper/bottom to be purely LTSP and not also MPI/HPC servers

===Cable Management for Racks=== --bvargo

  • Velcro cable wraps for cables coming off of the racks, and other misc places
  • Vertical cable management system for the racks (either full cable managers or cheaper "bundle retainers")
    • Improved air flow
    • Easier access to servers (can actually see the back of the server without pulling back on cables)
    • Easier to remove unused cables (not tangled in half of the other cables)
    • Neater, thus it looks better

===Cable Management for Workstations=== --bvargo

  • Elimination of all cables currently on the floor
    • Since the workstations are on the desks, there is no reason for cables to still be on the floor
    • Wires will not drop behind the desk, where people's feet tend pull on them or kick them (the reason the workstations are now on the desks)
    • Need some way to mount power strips under the desks, or otherwise get them off of the floor
  • Cable tray on the back of each desk in addition to velcro cable wraps
    • Catches cables coming through the holes in the desks
    • Hides extra cable under the desk, so it cannot be seen
  • No more tangled mess if done correctly
  • Lab looks neater

===Desk Organizer=== --bvargo

  • Holds some basic things, that can never be found when needed
    • Scissors
    • Markers (both thin and thick)
    • Pens
    • Pencils
    • Roll of masking tape
    • etc
  • Place on the desk in the machine room, where these things are needed, but almost never found

===Decorations for the Walls=== --bvargo

  • Currently there is very little hanging on the walls, the lab would look a lot better if there was some form of a decoration to look at other than a bland wall
  • Examples:
    • Colorful stuff that is not simple black and white (i.e. no raster images, unless they are printed on a color printer and are consist of more than one color)
    • Techlab posters
    • Computer/Linux themed posters
    • Banners of famous computer quotations (like the ones in Mr. Rose's room)
    • Math themed posters
    • Whiteboard for various things, to replace the one that used to hang in the back last year, before it was moved - similar to the one at google

===SSL certificates=== --wyang

  • ...from VeriSign or Thawte
  • I think educational discounts are PKI (vs. certificate-only)
  • need wildcard certificate AND at least one non-wildcard
  • current wildcard cert from IPSca will expire on 7/22/2007