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This is the official Computer Systems Lab wish list. Please place items here that you think would like to have purchased/acquired for the CSL. Generally this will only be used when the budget is not currently available and we are generating a list pending a budget recycle.

Strike-through items once they have been obtained. Also include descriptions/explanations, prices, and links to be helpful.


  • iLO Advanced licenses (one per HP)
    • Key features useful to us: Enables full remote KVM capability and authentication integrated with ADS
    • Need to navigate through the HP Education site and select VA contract. 6 servers x $249 per license.
    • Suggest further discussion on this item during meeting
  • Remotely switchable outlets (pending decision on retirement of old servers)
  • StorEdge D2 array(s)
    • 2 dual bus models
    • potential for Sun Cluster (HA) for AFS on ZFS and in a Solaris Container
    • purchase 540-3024 SPUD brackets from Jack Breese's company if needed
    • buy cables if needed (VHDCI->VHDCI)
    • 3 or 4 LSI22320-R U320 SCSI HBAs $266
    • 2 Sun PCIe U320 HBAs (if only 2 HBAs above; depend on Sun grant status)
    • Seagate hard drives (dependent on adelie roadmap)
    • Liberal budget allocation: $6500 (worst case scenario: 2 LSI, 2 Sun PCIe, 10 Seagate 73gb from CDW, 2 D2-dual bus)
  • 2x Sun Fire V215
    • Run Sun Ray network
    • LDAP, SGD, attach arrays if grant not accepted