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*Pack of 20: http://www.nokey.com/avbadtypprox1.html
*Pack of 20: http://www.nokey.com/avbadtypprox1.html
*Pack of 25/50/100: http://www.nokey.com/avproxcarinp.html
*Pack of 25/50/100: http://www.nokey.com/avproxcarinp.html
*An intact Machine Room door.
===Remotely switchable outlets===
===Remotely switchable outlets===

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This is the Computer Systems Lab idea / wish list. Please place items here that might be useful for the CSL. Please include descriptions/explanations, prices, and links to be helpful.


RFID Cards for Machine Room

Remotely switchable outlets


Line Cards / Accessories for Cisco 4506 Switch

  • 48 port gigabit line card - WS-X4548-GB-RJ45 or WS-X4448-GB-RJ45 (older version)
  • 10GbE uplink to the main switch (if that gets 10GbE this year)?


New Linux Servers

  • One or Two new Linux servers, as the newest Linux servers are over 1.5 years old
    • Possibility of getting 3 new X4150s with next AEG proposal
  • Replace aging servers for production purposes (adelie and penguins)
  • More technical details after we have more budget details

Sun Ray laptops


  • Up to 10, depending on determined need/want and available budget at time of purchase
  • Would be used by student and staff IT as desired
  • Models being considered: General Dynamics/Tadpole Meteor, Naturetech Jasper 320, Accutech Gobi 7
  • Prices are not posted here since they were requested quotes. Let me know if you'd like to know what these are.