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Windows Proxy Documentation

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NOTE: You MUST have done the following before you can set up your TJ Proxy

  1. Log in at a TJHSST-provided Windows Computer (Laptop or Desktop)

Clear Cache

Follow the screenshots below to clear your Edge cache.

  1. Open Edge.
  2. Clearcache-1.jpg

  3. Click the menu button (three dots, horizontally).
  4. Clearcache-2.jpg

  5. Click "Settings."
  6. Clearcache-3.jpg

  7. Click "Choose what to clear."
  8. Clearcache-4.jpg

  9. Make sure "Cached data and files" is checked. You may wish to uncheck the other checkboxes.
  10. Clearcache-5.jpg

  11. Click "Clear."
  12. Clearcache-6.jpg

Configure Proxy

Follow the screenshots below to configure the database proxy on Windows.

  1. Click the Start menu icon. The Start menu appears.
  2. Proxy-windows-step1.png

  3. Click "Settings." The Settings screen appears.
  4. Proxy-windows-step2.png

  5. In the search bar, type "proxy." A list of results appears.
  6. Proxy-windows-step3.png

  7. Click "Use automatic proxy configuration." The proxy configuration screen appears.
  8. Proxy-windows-step4.png

  9. Click "Use setup script." The "Script address" field is now available.
  10. Proxy-windows-step5.png

  11. In the "Script address" field, type https://pac.tjhsst.edu/.
  12. Proxy-windows-step6.png

  13. Click "Save."

Test It Out

Note: You MUST use the database links provided at https://tjhsst.edu/research-academics/library/databases.html

  1. Open Edge.
  2. Test-edge-step1.png

  3. Navigate to the Library Databases page.
  4. Test-edge-step2.jpg

  5. Click "Ebook Central."
  6. You may be presented with a password prompt. If so, type "LOCAL\yourusername" in the username field, where yourusername is your TJHSST username. Then, type your TJHSST password in the password field.
  7. Ebrary-edge.jpg

  8. If you see the words "Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology," you have correctly set up the database proxy.