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Windows Proxy Documentation

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NOTE: You MUST have done the following before you can set up your TJ Proxy

  1. Log in at a TJHSST-provided Windows Computer (Laptop or Desktop)

Configure Proxy

Follow the screenshots below to configure the database proxy on Windows.

  1. Click the Start menu icon. The Start menu appears.
  2. Proxy-windows-step1.png

  3. Click "Settings." The Settings screen appears.
  4. Proxy-windows-step2.png

  5. In the search bar, type "proxy." A list of results appears.
  6. Proxy-windows-step3.png

  7. Click "Use automatic proxy configuration." The proxy configuration screen appears.
  8. Proxy-windows-step4.png

  9. Click "Use setup script." The "Script address" field is now available.
  10. Proxy-windows-step5.png

  11. In the "Script address" field, type https://iodine.tjhsst.edu/www/proxy.pac.
  12. Proxy-windows-step6.png

  13. Click "Save."