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Weather is a server in the CSL Machine Room that hosts a serial connection to the AWS datalogger which in turn connects to the weather station located outside the lab.

This article refers to the physical machine known as weather. For information on the weather service that runs on this machine, see JAWS.

Technical Specifications

Server Type Hardware type::FAA(?) Server
CPU Intel Celeron
Hard Disks 2x200 GB RAID 1
OS Gentoo Linux
Purchase Date Unknown


Weather was originally a Pentium Vectra, which was later replaced with a Pentium III Vectra VL400. It was later moved into Cas's chassis. On 5 June, 2009, Weather may have suffered a hard drive failure, causing weather station data to be invalid. It was recoverable when connected to another machine and all files were copied off successfully. The old Pentium Vectra was replaced with a Pentium III Vectra VL400 running Gentoo Linux, whose hard drive was later moved into Cas.