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Username changes

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Use this page as a checklist for updating usernames.

The following items need to be updated when a username change is requested:

  1. Active Directory (handled by Windows IT staff)
  2. rename AFS username (pts) (ex: pts rename bnhouston bnferrick)
  3. cd to rewrite user location (ex: cd /afs/csl.tjhsst.edu/.staff)
  4. remove old mountpoint (ex: fs rmmount bnhouston)
  5. rename AFS home directory volume name (vos) (ex: vos rename staff.bnhouston staff.bnferrick)
  6. remake AFS home directory mountpoint read-write (ex: fs mkmount bnferrick staff.bnferrick -rw)
  7. release read-write user location (ex: vos release staff)
  8. NSS LDAP (gecos, homeDirectory) (ex: look at getent passwd bnferrick and fix it if necessary)
    • Change username (uid) and name (cn, sn, givenName) fields
    • If user is in any LDAP groups, make sure to change the memberUid fields to match the new username. If the user has LDAP admin, make sure to change the member field under cn=ldapadmins,dc=csl,dc=tjhsst,dc=edu.
  9. Intranet LDAP (username, name fields); in the future if LDAP is moved to Sun LDAP + ISW, all of these changes will become automatic and need only be verified
  10. NSS LDAP For ldap admins, update cn=ldapadmins,dc=csl,dc=tjhsst,dc=edu
  11. NSS LDAP For sysadmins, update ou=sysadmins,dc=csl,dc=tjhsst,dc=edu
  12. Mail (the sync script will make a new account, as if there were a new user; the old user's data needs to be moved to the new user's home directory on the mail system)